Top free LIMS solutions

Are you tired of organizing the laboratory data yourself, but you cannot afford one of the best LIMS software solutions that we already mentioned? This time you should not worry about money too much: we have a solution for you!

Check the free LIMS software solutions below, which will show you good alternatives to the chargeable best LIMS software!


  • Completely free for nonprofit and educational organizations
  • High functionality
  • High flexibility: Customizable at any time

The [FP]-LIMS from Fink & Partner is a high-performance LIMS software solution and, above all, is known and popular worldwide for its high flexibility. A free-of-charge installation is provided for all nonprofit and educational organizations through the licenseLIMS-Technology Alliance Partnership Program (LTAP)Therefore, if your project is not-for-profit research for, for example, universities, schools, or dissertations, it will fit the prerequisites for an LTAP. 

Qualification criteria for FREE [FP]-LIMS

  • You are interested in research in the sense of free and open source software, and
  • you ate a non-profit organization, or
  • your project is non-profit, or
  • you are doing research for a university, technical college, school, or
  • you are working on your dissertation, or
  • you pursue another charitable or educational purpose

Other well-performing FREE LIMS software providers at a glance


The Bika Open Source LIMS project starts as a prototype developed by a South African wine industry located in Western Cape in 2001. The idea was to create an affordable LIMS system easy-to-use and able to integrate with lab instruments. With BikaLIMS, you can conduct gap analysis, functional specification, customization, combined with project management and quality control. Now BikaLIMS is also on the cloud, and 2020 prices start from $250 for installation.

Aquarium LIMS

Developed by the University of Washington, with Aquarium LIMS, you can execute protocols, manage your inventory and data, and design workflows.

You are using Excel as laboratory software?

Fink & Partner offers a free online seminar or whitepaper about why Excel is not a long term lab software solution. Click on the button below for more information!

What is the best FREE LIMS software?

It is very real that software solutions might be costly. It often happens that researchers are on a restricted budget and cannot afford the high price of the already mentioned LIMS software. Therefore, there are a few more affordable LIMS management solutions on the global market for research groups on a budget.

With free LIMS software solution, you can organize your lab routine as well as track your samples, manage your data, and much more! It is also crucial to identify the right free LIMS software solution for your team and your specific workflows. As we already said, you should think of a LIMS software as a laboratory assistant, which helps you organize everything that concerns your lab routine, tasks, and field of application… this time without any budget pressure!

With this consideration, the list of LIMS management software below might reveal the most convenient solution for your project. It is essential though that you carefully read all information about the best free LIMS software solutions. This choice will make a difference in your laboratory performances and results!

To sum up, as we already said, there is no complete LIMS package or best free LIMS software solution that can suit all fields of application and customer’s needs. Your lab team should evaluate all the options in a way to choose the most suitable LIMS solution for you.