The best LIMS software vendor for your lab team

Laboratory Information Management System: LIMS. The demands for this laboratory software are continually growing in recent years, thanks to their quality management skills and flexibility. There are many LIMS vendors on the international market that develop different solutions according to their clients’ specific needs and fields of application. For this reason, it is essential to reflect on the choice of a LIMS system. Not to forget is that software solutions have been evolving during the years, and a selection of the best LIMS developing companies should guide you through this process.

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Best LIMS software:

The [FP]-LIMS from Fink & Partner is a high-performance LIMS software solution and, above all, is known and popular worldwide for its high flexibility. Whether it is a single installation with only one connected measuring device or an extensive, globally operating laboratory complex with hundreds of measuring devices: [FP]-LIMS is suitable for all requirement levels. The LIMS software completely adapts to the company’s requirements, not the other way around, which is an absolutely unique selling point of the software.

The focus of the LIMS software solution is on high practicability in laboratory use – this is also reflected in the price-performance ratio of the LIMS solution. There are three different versions with different functionalities and transparently communicated prices: [FP]-LIMS Light, [FP]-LIMS Standard and [FP]-LIMS Professional. From [FP]-LIMS Professional onwards, specific, functional add-on modules can be added very easily.

  • Flexible LIMS software solution: Independently configurable
  • Demand-driven pricing for all needs
  • Hundreds of interfaces make [FP]-LIMS usable for every industry
  • Fully integradable: ERP (SAP certified), MES & more
  • Proven LIMS solution: On the market for over 30 years
  • Cost-effective, quick start possible
  • Customer service: Phone, Mail, Chat, Live support, Ticket system
  • Due to high functionality and flexibility it requires training

Versions of [FP]-LIMS


[FP]-LIMS Light is the perfect entry into professional analysis management. It is perfectly suited for laboratories with only one measuring device or to take the first step towardsdigitization and gain initial experience with a LIMS. Especially if you want to replace Excel, Access & Co. quickly, [FP]-LIMS Light is the perfect solution.

FP LIMS Standard

[FP]-LIMS Standard offers laboratories with medium requirements an attractive way to digitalize their laboratory processes and finally take the first step towards Industry 4.0. Many companies worldwide have been using it for years as their standard LIMS.

FP LIMS Professional

[FP]-LIMS Professional unfolds its full power in large companies and corporate groups. The LIMS is highly flexible and powerful at all times, even for demanding tasks.

Other well-performing LIMS software providers at a glance

Thermo Scientific SampleManager LIMS

Thermo Fisher Scientific SampleManager LIMS software is specific for laboratory, data management, (SDMS) and ELN (LES) procedures. The fields in which it operates are pharmaceutical, food, beverage, fuel, petrochemical, water, environmental, and manufacturing industries.

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LabWare LIMS

The LIMS LabWare LIMS has been on the international market since 1987. The fields of operation are environmental, clinical, pharmaceutical, food, chemical, forensic medicine, metallurgy, mining, and fuels.

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Horizon LIMS

HORIZON Lab Systems LIMS has its headquarters in North Carolina, US. The LIMS software solution designed by HORIZON integrates with several lab types. Its fields of application are agriculture, clinical diagnostic, fuels, food and beverage, manufacture, and water quality tests.

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Xybion LIMS

Xybion was founded in 1975 in New Jersey, US. The LIMS software by Xybion is known for the ability to combine a pre-configured LIMS and ELN product. Its applications are biopharmaceutical research and medical devices, healthcare and insurance industries, solutions for energy suppliers, and procurement, such as supplier audit and third-party quality audit management.

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LabVantage LIMS

LabVantage’s LIMS solution provides a backup with their electronic lab notebook (ELN) and offers at the same lab execution system (LES). LabVantage LIMS applies to biobanking, LIS (laboratory information system) such as cancer research, diagnostic and contract testing, food and beverage, fuel, pharmaceutical biotechnology, and healthcare.

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What is the best LIMS system?


Are you tired of unorganized data? Are you wondering if you need a global overview of the data obtained through your measurement instruments? You still do not have a solution to set up your lab environment? Think of LIMS database as a lab assistant, who organizes workflows, controls data, and keeps the contacts with buyers and manufacturers. Moreover, he or she is also responsible for management solutions, laboratory automation, test results, sample tracking, and inventory management.

Specifically, the use of LIMS software automates, organizes, and improves. Specifically, the use of LIMS software automates and coordinates the laboratory work strategy. LIMS are renowned for analysis and data management, sample management, quality management, and automation of laboratory routines. What makes a LIMS special are its number of interfaces to the measurement instruments and IT extensions. The LIMS market implies many IT extensions such as electronic laboratory notebooks (ELN) for planning and managing experiments in the form of an electronic lab-journal. ELNs are, therefore, very user-friendly and help in managing your lab routines.

Regarding the technological background of a LIMS, you should take notice of three primary considerations: server system, workstations, and network infrastructure – without these three characteristics, a LIMS software cannot exist! The server system is the LIMS hosting or the lab database. Workstations are usually connected to the server system through a local network. They are typically operated with MS Windows and offer the user the LIMS application with a graphical user interface. Network infrastructure and extensive area networks (LAN, WAN) are predominantly based on Ethernet.

On the one hand, some of the LIMS software on the market can help laboratory managers with vendor relations. On the other hand, others can adapt to individual staff needs and tasks according to the area of expertise. The agility of LIMS combines with other tools that relate to technological progress, such as smartphones. Recently, they might be cloud-based or web-based as well.

What sets LIMS apart is its reliability and flexibility: LIMS helps in analytical research, testing more data, and samples simultaneously. Choosing the right LIMS has a decisive impact on your lab management and routine workflows.

There is not a better LIMS solution than others or a single best installation. It is your team’s job to evaluate the best LIMS software that suits all your needs. The list below shows you some options you should consider while making this choice.